Rapha Cyclocross 2014

Le cyclocross est un sport qui, vu de l'extérieur, paraît chaotique. Pourtant, dès qu'on l'essaye, sa logique est évidente. Peu d'autres disciplines obligent les coureurs à dévaler ainsi des descentes vertigineuses à des vitesses folles, avant de les emmener sur de longs parcours boueux à des vitesses d'escargot. Cet hiver, la série de récits photographiques Theatre of Cross présentée par Rapha s’intéressera aux meilleurs sites de courses de cross, lorsqu’ils ne sont pas parés des décorations et artifices habituels des jours de course. Pour le bonheur des coureurs comme des spectateurs, les séries de courses Rapha Super Cross sont de retour, avec des épreuves en Europe, au Japon, en Australie et aux USA. Pour la quatrième saison, le champion national américain Jeremy Powers arborera les couleurs de Rapha. Nous suivrons Jeremy tout au long de la saison, avec des rapports de courses et des interviews.

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Theatres of Cross


Le cyclocross professionnel est un sport intense, et l'action si prégnante que les spectateurs parviennent même à humer l'odeur de l'effort, entendre les battements des cœurs soumis à rude épreuve et ressentir le goût de l'adrénaline. Le cyclocross est comme une sorte de microcosme du combat de la vie. Le drame menace en permanence, s'éloigne, et l'intrigue se corse tandis que les athlètes filent devant le public, emmenant avec eux, à toute allure, leurs craintes et leurs espoirs. Voir les images »


Theatres of Cross: Roubaix

It used to be that the famous Vélodrome Roubaix only truly came alive for one day a year, when the gladiators of the Queen of the Classics arrived – caked…

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Theatres of Cross: Nobeyama

Resting at an altitude of 1,345m, a couple of hours west of Tokyo in the Nagano prefecture, Nobeyama lies almost exactly at the midpoint of Japan’s main island, Honshu. At…

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Theatres of Cross: Koksijde

At the northern edge of Koksijde’s cyclocross course, the other side of a stretch of the N396, is a military barracks behind tall wire fencing. From the road you can…

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Theatres of Cross: Gloucester

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is home to one of North America’s most prestigious cross races, the Gran Prix of Gloucester, which this year becomes Rapha Super Cross Gloucester. Held over the course…

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  1. Super Cross Sydney Report

    Nouvelles: Danny ‘Danger’ James | Photographie: Beardy McBeard | Date:

    What makes a great sequel? Is it a simple case of bigger is better, or is it something less tangible? Is it a deepening of the story, the characters, or something unexpected? Whatever the case, sophomoric efforts will always be judged in a harsher light than their freshmen counterparts – for good reason.

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  2. Rapha Super Cross UK Wrap-up

    Nouvelles: Kati Jagger | Photographie: Johnny Hines | Date:

    The final round of the UK Rapha Super Cross series took place on Saturday 25th October at London’s Alexandra Palace, with a full day of racing that saw novices and fancy dress fanatics negotiate a foam-filled course in the Fun category, whilst Seniors, Vets, and Youth races took in the mud and off-camber turns, jumps and steep ascents in four rounds of muddy chaos. The series saw more than 1000 racers taking part, a new record.

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  3. Rapha Super Cross Munich

    Nouvelles: Ricky Buckenlei | Photographie: Sebastian Schels | Date:

    Last Sunday the inaugural Super Cross on the European Continent took place in Munich with the support from one of the oldest cycling clubs in the city, RC “Die Schwalben” 1894 München. Situated at the Olympiapark, the iconic setting featured the track that staged both the 1985 and 1997 UCI Cyclocross World Championships.

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  4. Rapha Super Cross Gloucester

    Nouvelles: | Photographie: Andy Bokanev | Date:

    This week in the New England Fall has become known as North American Cyclocross’ Holy Week. With the Providence Cyclocross festival in Rhode Island and the quirky, but well attended Night Weasels race in Shrewsbury, MA, rounding out the Holy Trinity is last weekend’s Rapha Super Cross Gloucester.

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  5. UK Super Cross Film 2013

    Nouvelles: | Date:

    The third season of Rapha Super Cross revelled in something that had so far been lacking – mud. Paul Oldham and Annie Simpson (Hope Factory Racing) swept the individual podiums, gamely pushed and chased by a host of Elite UK ‘crossers from Hargroves RT, Felt Colbornes, and the young guns of the Rapha Great Britain Development squad.

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