Art & Design

  1. Sachs Appeal

    Nouvelles: | Photographie: Jeremy Dunn | Date:

    The Richards Sachs – House Industries show opened at the Cycle Club NYC to a crowd of Sachs addicts overflowing into the streets. King (of frame building) Richard, flanked by…

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  2. Musettes Jaunes

    Nouvelles: | Date:

    To bonk or not to bonk*, that is the question… Much like the cycling cap, the musette is both iconic, versatile and ubiquitous. The simple functionality and material make them…

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  3. Emily Maye Exhibition

    Nouvelles: | Photographie: Emily Maye | Date:

    Rapha is delighted to support Emily Maye’s debut solo exhibition, presented by Beach

, a gallery in east London. Emily has quickly made a name for her atmospheric shots and sensitive portrayal of the…

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  4. Rapha Relocating to Island Paradise

    Nouvelles: Kati Jagger | Date:

     PRESS RELEASE Rapha Relocating to Island Paradise Rapha’s headquarters, once housed in an old Victorian piano factory in Kentish Town, London, have relocated. After a fruitless search across London for…

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