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  1. Giro di Lombardia: The Greatest Rivalry

    Nouvelles: Herbie Sykes | Date:

    By 1909 France’s cyclists had been infected by what the Gazzetta termed “Napoleon Syndrome”. They’d pick and choose the wealthiest of the Italian races, then cross the Alps en masse to lord it over Italy’s finest.

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  2. Zanoli’s Impossible Race

    Nouvelles: Joe Parkin | Date:

    Richmond, Virginia, 15th May 1992. The Tour DuPont peloton was racing at full speed through the streets towards the finish line. The three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond was leading the general classification. The Australian Phil Anderson, who had started the day 20 seconds down on LeMond, was gunning for his third stage win in five days, and the 10-second time bonus that came with it.

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  3. Doppio: Worlds Edition

    Nouvelles: | Date:

    In 1986 it was Moreno Argentin’s bouquet to carry and stripes to take home in Colorado Springs — that was the last time the UCI Road World Championships came to the United States. Charly Mottet took second, and Giuseppe Saronni third. Jeannie Longo won the women’s edition, with American Janelle Parks silver.

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  4. Along the roads

    Nouvelles: | Photographie: BrakeThrough Media | Date:

    Cycling is a sport played out upon the open roads and in an open arena; there is no barrier between rider and reveler. Risky? Occasionally. But without an audience, what is sport?

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  5. Rapha + Liberty: The Fine Print

    Nouvelles: | Date:

    In 1875, after working with women’s fashion specialist Farmer & Rogers for ten years, Arthur Liberty decided to launch his own shop selling ornaments, fabric and objects d’art from Japan and the East. Occupying a small portion of 218a Regent Street, his company quickly gained a reputation for providing the finest examples of items from the Japonism movement, and many other popular styles at the time.

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