The Rapha Women’s 100

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Last Sunday, more than 7,600 women in 40 countries participated in the Rapha Women’s 100, twice as many as last year, documented by more than 11,000 tweets and Instagram photos.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the thousands of riders, volunteers and organisers who made the 360 locally organised rides possible. We wish everyone the best of luck with the rest of the summer’s riding, and hope to see you out on the road. We will be publishing a full round up of the day’s events next week, along with some news about the future of the Women’s 100.

Keep sharing highlights from your riding, and see photos and stories from rides all over the world, with the #womens100 tag on Twitter and Instagram. Send your stories, experiences, photos and films to, and we’ll share as many as we can.


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  • thetallbird

    I had an amazing day as joint ride leader with the lovely Laura Perrett, whom i shall ride with again, as a result of the amazing journey we shared, it was memorable in the best way.

  • Han Ghazi

    Started at the stroke of midnight at putrajaya, malaysia… probably one of the first Womens100 ride …

    3 ladies participated and 4 guys to chaperone…

    Not many pictures due to the darkness… but managed to capture a simple video…

    RaphaWomens100 Putrajaya Malaysia – Ride at the s…:

  • 7 of us set off at 9am cycling 101 miles (163k) from Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders to Holy Island in Northumberland (England) and back, riding time of just over 8 hours and one lady had only ever ridden 44 miles max before, what stars.

  • Becky Dickens

    I work as Cabin Crew and had planned to join the Rapha Cafe ride in San Francisco, however my flight got changed, which meant leaving the UK at 1pm on 20th, flying 11hrs, throwing bike together in the hotel room and heading straight out around the bay. 100kms solo with the last 40 in darkness (see attached grainy Golden Gate Bridge pic) was not one of my greatest rides, but so glad I did it. Finally got to bed after 32hrs on the go and slept bloody well! Congrats to all who took part

    • Gem Atkinson

      amazing effort!

  • Jonathan Wan

    Started from 8:30 am, 103km in total for 8 hrs. We round the north of Hong Kong with few climbs, took many photos and shared a lot of jokes. Had a tasty lunch together and then we had a very nice sea view in last 15km to finish.

  • lauren o’keefe

    Five of us set out, two of us achieved the 100km. For one, it was first time back on the bike in about six months :)