Rapha Women’s Prestige 2014 – Call For Entries

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The Rapha Women’s Prestige is an all-woman event much in the guise of the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race (which is actually a mixed event). It’s also a celebration of group riding and as such encourages esprit de corps among its participants.

Take a look through the “photos and film” from last year’s Prestige to give you an idea of what it’s all about. And if you’re ready to get a team together, below you will find an application to the 2014 edition of the race.

Each team of six riders will depart in a staggered, team-time-trial-style start and the one absolute rule is that your six riders must complete the full distance as a team. The timer is stopped when the sixth and final member of the team crosses the finish line.

Taking place on Saturday May 10th, with a start and finish location in East Bay Hills in the Bay Area, the race length will be 100-plus miles with a mix of tarmac and gravel. The precise route has yet to be confirmed, but will include a portion of the Tour of California route for 2014, climbing Mount Diablo at least once. Make no mistake, this route, like last year’s, will test the teams in their ability to help each other to the very end.

To apply for a starting position at this year’s Rapha Women’s Prestige, please print out the application form below, submitting your completed answers by post to Rapha’s North America office no later than Monday, March 31st.

Creativity is encouraged and applications by e-mail or telephone will not be accepted. If your team secures a place, the entrance fee is $200 per team, plus a bottle of champagne to be delivered on the start line. Questions regarding the event or application process may be directed to:paige.dunn@rapha.cc

If you are accepted, you will be notified by week of April 7.

Rapha Women’s Prestige 2014 Application Form

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