Rapha Rising 2014

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The Rapha Rising Challenge, presented in collaboration with Strava, is back for another year. Running from the 19th to 27th July, we’re inviting riders to tackle an altitude of 8,800m.

For the challenge’s inspiration, we turned to the professional peloton, who will be tackling climbs in the Yorkshire Dales, the Alps and Pyrenees during the greatest race in the world. We’ve combined the elevations from the toughest day in each area, making for the highest Rapha Rising yet.

For those looking to recreate the gradients that the pro peloton will be tackling, Yorkshire’s (recently renamed) Côte de Holme Moss and Côte d’Oxenhope Moor are short and sharp leg-sappers. The Pyrenees provides similarly brutal gradients, but to far higher elevations – the Montée de Saint-Lary Pla d’Adet averages 8.3% for just over 10km. In the Alps riders will find higher peaks, with the Col d’Izoard topping out at 2,360m.

As always, we invite riders to log their progress on Strava, and to share their stories with the hashtag #rapharising. Strava will provide a link to all successful riders to register for a roundel at the end of the challenge.

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Rapha Rising

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  • Naldinho Tranqüilo

    I’m in!!!!!! With my fixed gear bike. Check out this: fixeirodemontanha.tumblr.com

    • Rhodri Mativo

      what gear do you use for climbing?

  • Matija Vojsk

    Would Garmin tracks also be acceptable? Thx, M

    • Jiří Jelínek

      Simply upload the tracks to strava, if your particular garmin has the option. Then you are absolutely sure.

    • Unlit Marketing

      You can either upload directly from your garmin device to strava, but if that doesn’t work (as in my case) you can export the gpx files from the garmin page and import them to strava. You can only export one file at the time, but strava imports bulk.

  • I’m in!!!!!!

  • Raphael Cameron

    I am unfortunately going away on the 24th, what if I put in the logs between 15-23/7? Will I be eligible for buying the Rapha shirt still??

  • James Lynch

    Can’t wait for this to begin and hopefully to see that roundel coming through the door! As well as getting some serious hill repeats done :D

  • Neil Redman-Davies

    I’m in, never tried anything like this before, just turned 56 and a little nervous!!

  • Rob Baker

    I’m well looking forward to this bad boy. Living in East Anglia sadly means I shall have to do this the boring way, by going up & down the same few hills for a few hours on end. Good thing is, I can leave my bidon and gels in one place to save a few grams :-)

  • Heading North to Dahlonega, GA for a week of mountain climbing strategically scheduled around the last week of the tour so that I could participate in the Rapha Rising challenge this year for the first time. It has been two years and 30 lbs since I climbed Hogpen Gap last.
    There will be suffering.

  • Zoe S

    Does anyone know if you do the women’s 100 can you use the altitude towards the rapha rising?

    • Jerry Proctor

      It should, I do multiple challenges at the same time often.

  • Logan-Seth Webb

    How do I register for a roundel once I’ve completed the challenge?

  • Sam Stevens

    Thanks so much Rapha for including the woven patch for these challanges! This Challenge is by far the best and I really enjoy having the badge/patch as opposed to a digital badge. I will cherish these for years to come and when I am an old man I can look at these and say, yeah I did that. Again the woven patch really is special so Thank for doing it!

  • Neil Feltham

    I have just completed the Rapha Rising challenge, how do I go about claiming my badge/patch?

  • Peter Netri

    completed!!! first among Slovakians

  • Neil Redman-Davies

    My feet are killing me!!!

  • Ross Stralia

    Climbing this all on my tribike, those legs oh those legs.

  • Tuna

    Completed, and feel proud