El domingo 26 de julio de 2015, únete a miles de mujeres de todo el mundo para recorrer 100 km en bicicleta. Participa en este evento global por tu cuenta o únete a una de las rutas organizadas. Esas rutas tendrán lugar en todas partes, y varias de ellas estarán organizadas por Rapha. Más de 8.000 mujeres participaron en este reto en 2014. ¡Este año queremos duplicar esa cifra!
Las ciclistas que finalicen el reto Women’s 100 recibirán una insignia bordada para conmemorar ese logro.

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“No es que lo haga cuando hace bueno en lugar de entrenar en el gimnasio o ir a clase de spinning. No es solo ejercicio. Practico el ciclismo porque me encanta. Me esfuerzo por mejorar, explorar y dar más de mí misma. No estoy sola en esto. Pedaleo con mujeres fuertes y hermosas que nunca dejan de sorprenderme y motivarme. Somos ciclistas y nos encanta lo que hacemos. ¿Qué importa que seamos mujeres? Cuando estoy sobre la bici, soy ciclista y no necesito un alias.” Abby Watson

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  1. Cycling in the City

    Texto: Molly Ritterbeck | Fotografía: Molly Ritterbeck | Fecha:

    It’s hard to argue with the belief that cycling is one of the best ways to get around a big city. In recent years, bike commuting has spiked 62 percent in the US, and a whopping 105 percent in the largest cities, according to the nonprofit organization The League of American Bicyclists.

    But sometimes, commuting by bike isn’t as easy as, well, riding a bike – so we’ve tapped the collective knowledge of a crew of commuters from big cities near and far, asking for their top tips and lessons learned. Hopefully this short guide will help make your two-wheeled commute safe, stylish, and most of all, fun.

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  2. Against the wind: a daughter teaches her mother to ride

    Texto: Sophie Ballo | Fecha:

    It’s late October in Texas Hill Country. I’m 20 miles into a 40-mile ride, and already my legs are fatigued. The wind pushes back, but I persist, head down, in the drops, going 13 miles an hour.

    We chose Texas for our first mother and daughter cycling trip because we felt the long distances on offer would keep me interested, while she tackled the shorter options available. The trip’s statistics hadn’t impressed me on paper. But roads aren’t ridden on paper, it turns out.

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  3. Priscilla Calderon: A Bigger Win

    Texto: Matthew Beaudin | Fotografía: Emily Maye | Fecha:

    Priscilla Calderon was recently photographed for the Rapha Women’s range. She works at a bike shop a few shifts a week, and goes to dental hygienist school. She is a Cat. 1 bike racer on the brink, as she’s recently signed on with a small pro team in Los Angeles, California, named La Sweat. She wakes up to ride at 5am or churns the trainer after work, if that’s all time allows.

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