Informes y destacados

  1. Visible Effort

    Texto: Ian Fleck | Fotografía: George Marshall | Fecha:

    Introducing The Team Sky Training Range Designed after consultation with Team Sky’s riders and staff, Rapha’s product development team produced a range of highly visible training garments for when riders…

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  2. Pro Team Softshell Apparel

    Texto: Joe Hall | Fecha:

    Rapha has been using softshell technology since we launched, in 2004. The weather-resistant, breathable and tactile qualities of the fabric ensure it performs superbly in a diverse range of conditions. In 2015, this membrane-based material still proves a remarkable ally in the cyclist’s war against bad weather. Simply put, softshell acts as a second skin, working with a rider’s body to enhance natural heating – and cooling – as well as protecting from the elements.

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  3. Women’s Prestige Yatsugatake

    Texto: Mari Yano | Fotografía: Kazuhiro Watanabe | Fecha:

    When I was a kid, cycling was for boys. It was always the boys who arrived at the park on bicycles to play football. It was always the boys who turned the journey home into a cycle race. And it was always the boys who talked about this or that component, and how it made their bikes go faster.

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