On Sunday 26th July 2015, thousands of women around the world rode 100km as part of the Rapha Women’s 100. A global event, rides took place everywhere, with women riding on their own or as part of rides organised by Rapha.

Congratulations to all those that took part. If you successfully rode 100km, register below by 2nd August to receive a free woven roundel to commemorate your achievement.

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“It is not my fair weather alternative to spin class or working out in a gym. It’s not just exercise. I ride because I love it. I strive to improve, explore, and push myself further. I’m not alone in this. I ride with strong and beautiful women who never cease to amaze and motivate me. We are cyclists and we love what we do. So what if we’re women? When I’m on my bike, I’m a cyclist and I don’t need an alias.” Abby Watson

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  1. Anything but lonely: Tiffany Cromwell at the Road Nats

    Words: Jessi Braverman | Photography: Kirsty Baxter | Date:

    “C’mon, Tiff,” says Beth Duryea. “You can do this. Podium. Podium. Podium.” Those final three words came out in a steady staccato rhythm. The CANYON//SRAM co-owner and marketing manager Duryea was working as sport director at the Australian National Road Championships. Driving the car behind her team’s only Australian, Tiffany Cromwell, the versatile Duryea provided encouragement and instruction. With four kilometres left in the individual time trial, Cromwell was within reach of a spot on the podium. Having scored a seat in the CANYON//SRAM car to follow Cromwell’s effort, I was wedged in the back next to the team’s mechanic, tools and extra wheels and enjoyed prime position watching her navigate up and down the undulating 29.3km course.

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  2. CANYON//SRAM 2016 KIT

    Words: Harry Dowdney | Photography: Emily Maye | Date:

    A new team with bold ambitions needs an equally bold kit. With their all-for-one-and-one-for-all tactical philosophy, CANYON//SRAM plans to challenge conventions in the women’s peloton next year, and Rapha has developed a design for them to get noticed at the front of the races. Available to buy in 2016, this isn’t a kit to hide in, but CANYON//SRAM don’t want to hide. As the world’s fastest prepare to show their racing colours in 2016, we’re confident this is just the beginning.

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