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Join thousands of women around the world in riding 100km on Sunday 17th July. Whether you choose to join an organised ride, create one of your own, or simply get out and ride on the day, you’ll be in great company. Over 8,000 women took part last year – we’d love even more of you to join us this year. Pledge below to show that you’ll be riding on the 17th july, wherever you are.

Once you’ve pledged, why not find a ride to join, or register and lead your own. For those of you riding your first 100km, we have put together a guide to help you prepare for July.

Ride in comfort and style with Rapha


Brevet Jersey

Designed and constructed with simple quality for every road rider, in an attractive design celebrating the Rapha Women’s 100.


Women's 100 Cap

A lightweight, cotton cap to complete the 2016 Women’s 100 collection.


Women's 100 Socks

Featuring an open-mesh construction to keep feet cool, and a soft, high-wicking yarn for maximum comfort.


Classic Bib Shorts

Lightweight bib shorts designed for everyday riding, with a female-specific chamois pad and flatlock stitching to prevent chafing.


In Pictures

Since its inception in 2013 the Rapha Women’s 100 has grown from a passionate idea to a worldwide event. On the eve of last Sunday’s Women's 100, 8,000 women around the world had pledged to ride one hundred kilometres. In reality though, the number of women who took to the road was much higher.

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