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  1. Anything but lonely: Tiffany Cromwell at the Road Nats

    Words: Jessi Braverman | Photography: Kirsty Baxter | Date:

    “C’mon, Tiff, ” says Beth Duryea. “You can do this. Podium. Podium. Podium.” Those final three words came out in a steady staccato rhythm. The CANYON//SRAM co-owner and marketing manager Duryea was working as sport director at the Australian National Road Championships. Driving the car behind her team’s only Australian, Tiffany Cromwell, the versatile Duryea provided encouragement and instruction. With four…

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  2. Sixteen For 2016

    Words: Simon Mottram | Date:

    It’s time once more where, as road riders, we prepare for the approaching season and set goals for the New Year. My goal in 2016 is 50 momentous rides, to celebrate my 50th year. Here at Rapha I encourage all employees to set riding targets, to have one or more things in the crosshairs to help better their riding and…

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  3. The unmatchable ups and downs

    Words: Rasmus Helt Poulsen | Date:

    It’s not possible. 100 mountain passes in 10 days. 200km a day with 5, 000m of climbing. Let’s talk over drinks first before deciding anything... Who are the guys riding this? What is driving them? And who comes up with something as crazy as the Cent Cols Challenge (CCC) and makes it into a concept that people sign up for?

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  4. The Finest Gold

    Words: Bas Steman | Date:

    Olympic champion, world champion, five-time Tour de France stage victor and multiple one-day Classics winner – Dutchman Hennie Kuiper’s palmarès is as impressive as they come. Riders as versatile as ‘The Gentleman’ don’t exist any more, and probably never will. To celebrate Kuiper’s achievements, Rapha is hosting an exhibition at the Cycle Club Amsterdam this month from Friday 15th January…

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  5. The Book Of Cross: Chapter Two

    Words: | Date:

    Following the first instalment in October 2015, Jeremy Powers returns with the second chapter in his new video project, The Book of Cross, produced by Motofish Images. Chapter two sees JPow take a victory at the Christmas-themed Jingle Cross event, before heading to his home in Massachusetts for a candid look at his training and personal life. He speaks…

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  6. Down on the farm: US Cyclocross National Championships

    Words: Ryan Newill | Date:

    In a sport more accustomed to tenuous relationships with city park officials, the Biltmore — private, carefully curated, and meticulously maintained — stands out as the setting for this year’s U.S. Cyclocross National Championships, 5th – 10th January. A partnership between stalwarts of the North Carolina cyclocross community and the Asheville-Buncombe Regional Sports Commission helped open the Biltmore’s formidable doors,…

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  7. Panache Awards 2015

    Words: Simon Mottram | Photography: Watson & Offside | Date:

    Panache has become somewhat of a four letter word and even considered a touch hackneyed by parts of the cycling media. At Rapha, we believe it’s what makes road racing the most exciting sport in the world. Panache means cunning, guile, bravery and skill, not just legs of steel and the lungs of a whale. This season was sometimes spectacular,…

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  8. Winter’s stolen hours

    Words: Michael Barry | Date:

    The windows on the bedroom are lined with frost, blue and white crystal patterns becoming brilliant with the moonlight, still shining bright in its final hours. The duvet holds in the warmth, while the room has chilled through the night. The alarm buzzes. It is 5:18 am as I hit it and then reach for my winter shorts. Getting out…

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  9. A champion prize-builder

    Words: | Date:

    It’s the end of the year, a time for taking stock and making new resolutions. A time, however, when such good intentions are all too easily swept down the back of the sofa with the crumbs of overindulgence. Rapha’s Festive 500 challenge offers an opportunity to avoid a holiday of bloated lethargy by getting out for some on-bike contemplation. The…

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