Mon to Fri – 10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays – 10.30am to 7.30pm
Please Note: If racing screening goes past opening hours we will remain open until the race finishes

Rapha Cycle Club Tokyo

The Rapha Cycle Club Tokyo is located in the Kita-Sando area, just a few minutes walk from the high-fashion Omotesando and Harajuku districts, or a short bike ride from Shinjuku, Shibuya, and the 2020 summer Olympics road race venue. Live screenings of all major races are perfectly timed for after work hours drinks and meals with fellow fans. A full service cafe has a regionally unique food menu and drinks. Check back frequently for event details and limited offerings.

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July Race Coverage

Join us at the Rapha Cycle Club throughout July for competitions, rides and live coverage of the greatest Stage Race of the year. Below are the daily viewing times the Race will be shown in the Cycle Club;

Stage 1 – Saturday July 2nd, Mont Saint Michel to Utah Beach
Live Coverage begins at 7.00pm.

Stage 2 – Sunday 3rd July, Saint Lo to Cherboug-Octeville
Live Coverage begins at 8.55pm.

Stage 3 – Monday 4th July, Grandville to Angers
Live Coverage begins at 8.55pm.

Stage 4 – Tuesday 5th July, Saumur to Limoges
Live Coverage begins at 8.55pm.

Stage 5 – Wednesday 6th July, Limoges to Le Lioran
Live Coverage begins at 8.55pm.

Stage 6 – Thursday 7th July, Arpajon-sur-cere To Montauban
Live Coverage begins at 8.55pm.

Stage 7- Friday 8th July, L’lsle-Jourdain to Lac de Payolle
Live Coverage begins at 8.55pm.

Highlights from previous Stages shown at all other times.

The Rapha Cycle Club Tokyo will be staying open late, until the end of the Stage.

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Photo Credit : Lee Basford


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