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  1. Doppio: Giro Week Two

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    The Doppio is Rapha’s weekly double-shot of Giro reportage and previews. In an opening week that had journalists and fans of the sport going pink in the face with excitement, one Italian reporter suggested we’d seen more action in one week of the Giro than a month of Silvio Berlusconi ‘bunga-bunga’ parties. And much like old Silvio’s career, week two has given us ups, downs, political scandal and plenty of leg action. Solo wins from homeboy Paolo Tiralongo, old-dog Phil Gilbert and young-nuke Illnur Zakarin kept us entertained, but the gossip has come from a touching case of sportsmanship gone wrong, i.e. that wheel change. Forza, Italia!

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  2. Prestige Oslo: Hell of the far north

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    Rapha’s Oslo Prestige was ridden in tempestuous conditions this Saturday 16th May, with freezing cold gales and rain blasting the participants throughout. Undeterred, each of the 26 teams of four managed to get members to the finish line of the unsupported and unmarshalled adventure.

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