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  1. Strade Bianche: L’Eroica Vintage Retreat

    Text: Alex Stieda | Datum:

    Alex Stieda, a former professional cyclist from Canada who raced for the 7-Eleven Cycling Team, was the first North American to wear the maillot jaune at the Tour de France, claiming yellow on the second day of the 1986 Tour. Riding the infamous strade bianche, or ‘white roads’, of Tuscany as part of the heritage cycling event L’Eroica has been a dream of his for some time. Here, Alex talks us through his recent experience guest guiding on the L’Eroica Vintage Retreat in Italy with Rapha Travel.

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  2. Wild and weathered in Waikato

    Text: Emma Bryant | Fotografie: Amy Taylor | Datum:

    Sunshine on skin. It’s an unfamiliar feeling for us Kiwis at the moment after months of being covered by layer upon layer, wrapped and protected against biting winds, ice, rain and whatever else the winter could throw at us.

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  3. Photo Essay: The 2015 UCI Asia Tour

    Text: Danial Hakim | Fotografie: Danial Hakim and Zie Haqqin (Peloton Images Asia) | Datum:

    Despite the quest for marginal gains and scientific advantages with tools such as power meters, one thing that these modern contraptions and methods cannot measure is the panache of riders during races. This, and the excitement and romance of racing, is what draws us all to the sport and which we at Peloton Images Asia are lucky enough to spend our time trying to capture with photography.

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