Rapha Cyclocross 2014

Cyclocross is a sport that seems chaotic from the outside yet makes perfect sense to anyone who dares give it a try. Few other disciplines will force riders down perilous descents at breakneck speeds, then take them on snail-paced trudges across muddy fields. This winter, Rapha’s Theatres of Cross series of photo essays will examine key cross race locations when they aren’t dressed for the pageantry of race day. For racers and spectators, the Rapha Super Cross series returns, with races in Europe, Japan, Australia and the U.S.A. And racing in Rapha colours for a fourth season will be U.S. national champion, Jeremy Powers. We’ll follow Jeremy with race reports and interviews throughout the season.

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Theatres of Cross


Professional cyclocross is intense, the action so intimate that spectators can all but smell the toil, hear the thumping heartbeats and taste the adrenalin. It is, in some ways, the struggle of life in microcosm, the drama ebbing and flowing, the plot thickening as the athletic actors race past, carrying their hopes and fears at full speed. An exhibition of Theatres of Cross photography will be shown in Rapha Cycle Clubs. View the gallery »

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Theatres of Cross: Roubaix

It used to be that the famous Vélodrome Roubaix only truly came alive for one day a year, when the gladiators of the Queen of the Classics arrived – caked…

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Theatres of Cross: Nobeyama

Resting at an altitude of 1,345m, a couple of hours west of Tokyo in the Nagano prefecture, Nobeyama lies almost exactly at the midpoint of Japan’s main island, Honshu. At…

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Theatres of Cross: Koksijde

At the northern edge of Koksijde’s cyclocross course, the other side of a stretch of the N396, is a military barracks behind tall wire fencing. From the road you can…

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Theatres of Cross: Gloucester

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is home to one of North America’s most prestigious cross races, the Gran Prix of Gloucester, which this year becomes Rapha Super Cross Gloucester. Held over the course…

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The Cross collection

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  1. The Show Goes On

    Words: Matthew Beaudin | Photography: Jordan Reid | Date:

    It was less of a storm than it was an unending leak. For five days a cloud ambled over the Lone Star State, dropping temperatures and a persistent, cold rain…

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  2. Super Cross Sydney Report

    Words: Danny ‘Danger’ James | Photography: Beardy McBeard | Date:

    What makes a great sequel? Is it a simple case of bigger is better, or is it something less tangible? Is it a deepening of the story, the characters, or…

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  3. Rapha Super Cross Wrap-up

    Words: Kati Jagger | Photography: Johnny Hines | Date:

    The final round of the UK Rapha Super Cross series took place on Saturday 25th October at London’s Alexandra Palace, with a full day of racing that saw novices and…

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  4. Rapha Super Cross Munich

    Words: Ricky Buckenlei | Photography: Sebastian Schels | Date:

    Last Sunday the inaugural Super Cross on the European Continent took place in Munich with the support from one of the oldest cycling clubs in the city, RC “Die Schwalben”…

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  5. Cross Check

    Words: | Date:

    2013 was the year the Rapha Super Cross Series rolled out internationally, bringing the thrills and spills of off-season off-roading to a whole new audience. A little bit of Belgium has now found its way to Australia and Japan, while the vibrant US cross scene also has a Super Cross event all its own. In addition to some top-class racing, there was beer, frites, foam and fancy dress aplenty, with the clanging of cowbells thrown in for good measure. The UK events also saw record numbers of riders and crowds and the photos below showcase the best of the Super Cross story so far, documenting the serious, the silly and everything in between.

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