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Mon to Fri – 10.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays – 10.30am to 7.30pm
Please Note: If racing screening goes past opening hours we will remain open until the race finishes

Club Rides

Women's Ride (Braver Than The Elements)

- 18 Mar. Meet 8:00 at Rapha Tokyo


Braver than the Elements is an invitation to all women to ride through winter. Distance is approx 40~60km.





- Saturday


We have RCC open ride in every Saturday. This is the only ride event that non RCC member is able to join. The pace and distance are middle level. You can find detail from window after click the RSVP. If you have any question please let us know. Time: Please select the RSVP button to see this week's timings. The ride will start and end at Rapha Tokyo. Distance: Our Saturday Club Ride ranges between from 30-40km. Pace: The pace is recreational with spirited bursts, with a no-drop policy to accommodate all riders. Route: Varies each week, but every route has a “short but very steep hill” and “landmark of Tokyo”. Sometimes we pass beautiful bayside scenery or an ancient Edo-era temple. Check @raphacycleclub on Instagram or Twitter for updates. Terrain: Please note that our rides stick primarily to the road but they sometimes feature very steep climbs of more than 20% but these are all very short. Requirements: A road bike, helmet and clip-in pedals. Please remember to bring tyre changing tools and a spare tube. Riding snacks and drinks are also strongly recommended.

  • Terms & Conditions [ PDF ]

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