Club Rides

Riding is central to the Cycle Club experience. We are lucky in Sydney to have some of the most spectacular rides and scenery right on our doorstep. We have a number of Club Rides which leave the Cycle Club every week, with routes that change regularly so you can experience the best that Sydney has to offer.

The location of the Cycle Club is a convenient place to meet, and in most cases half way between work and home. If you are on one of our rides and would like to leave a bag with us then please speak to one of our staff.

If you would like to join any of our rides for the first time, then we recommend calling by or telephoning us to discuss further so we can be sure to place you in the correct ride/ group for your safety and enjoyment.

If you are visiting Sydney from interstate or overseas we can easily arrange a high-end road bike and helmet for you to hire. It is the best way to view the city and surrounding landscape and is highly recommended by a number of oversees visitors who have joined us already.

Wednesday Morning ride

The Wednesday Club Run covers between 30-40km. Due to the popularity of this ride we split the group into four bunches for safety and to cater for different abilities.

Meet at the Cycle Club from 5:45am for a quick espresso; then roll at 6:00am sharp. As well as Cycle Club Staff we have a number of experienced ride leaders to help oversee the rides. Riders return to the Cycle Club for about 7:00-7:20 for Coffee and breakfast.

To help you decide which bunch to roll with here is a quick guide:

Club Run 1 – This is a swift pace averaging 26-28km/h as a guide. The route usually takes a direct line down to La parouse with a few different routes on the way back.

Club Run 2 – This is a steadier pace averaging around 20-23km/hr as a guide. Usually following the first group and getting back to the club a few minutes after.

Mystery Ride – This is a fast pace ride with some unexpected twists and turns. Averaging 26-30km/h as a guide.

The Social Ride - As the name suggests this a sociable pace ride. The purpose of this ride is to move the legs and experience the beauty of the early morning. The route will change weekly of about 30km. This is the ideal ride for those not used to riding in a group and/or new to road riding.

If you are unsure of which ride to join then please speak to our Cycle Club Staff or Ride Leaders, or call us to discuss further.

Pictures by Marcus Enno»


Women’s 100 Training Ride

Sydney Women don’t sit back. Every Friday morning at 5:45am Rapha Ladies embark on an adventure. Encompassing many levels and skills, the routes chosen offer a challenge for everyone. Weaving through the streets exploring off the beaten tracks where it’s sometimes hard to believe you are still in the city. The Rapha women’s rides have become infamous for their memorable experiences. Coffee and a warm atmosphere awaits your return to the Rapha Cycle Club.

Each week new riders join our Women’s Rides. All female road riders are welcome to drop by the Rapha Cycle Club to chat with Alison or Klara. Before riding with us it is advised to discuss further so we can place you in the right ride and group for your safety and enjoyment.

Keep an eye out for the evening rides, which promise beauty and excitement.


Sunday Club Ride

The Sunday Club ride provides the opportunity to go for a longer spin, challenge yourself and take in some of the spectacular scenery. Designed to be more of an adventure, the route will change from week to week. Sometimes local such as the six beaches and on other occasions further afield such as Palm Beach and back. We usually alternate between a local ride of hills and beaches followed the next week by a longer distance ride.

Distance: Range from 60km to 120km.

Speed: 24-26km/h average

Due to the distance involved, please do sign-up for the Sunday ride. We have a sign on sheet by the entrance of the CC, alternatively call us and we will put your name on the list. If you have not ridden with us before, and/or long distance then it is advised to give us a call to discuss further so we can be sure of your safety.

For any further information please drop by and speak to any of our Cycle Club staff or call us on (02) 9380 9717.