Rapha Cycle Club Osaka

Located within walking distance from Osaka station, and on a major commuting route between Osaka and the Hanshin area, Rapha is pleased to announce the Cycle Club Osaka.

Being the second largest and arguably the most attractive city in Japan, Osaka is coloured with personalities, great food, and a love of celebration.

Rapha Cycle Club Osaka will be hosting events, exhibitions and, in partnership with the J-Sports channel, plenty of live road racing.

Osaka is the gastronomic capital of the island, with choice coffee selections from Toyama’s St. Berries, pastries from Ashiya’s Pan Time, and Rapha-labeled wine from Katsunuma’s Haramo Wine. Food delivery will also be arranged by neighbouring friends at the Spanish restaurant, Taberna Esquina.

Live Racing

Join us to watch road racing live or the best bits of the road season so far. To stay up to date with the latest Cycle Club events, follow us on Twitter @raphacycleclub or check for regular web updates.

Ride events

Riding is at the core of the Rapha Cycle Club experience.

If you are looking to join one of our rides for the first time then we ask that you call and speak to one of our staff, as they can advise on the details of all upcoming rides.

Weekly Club Ride

Showing why Osaka is called the ‘City of Water’, riding 30km alongside rivers with almost no traffic lights in the second busiest city in Japan. Start and finish is the Rapha Cycle Club Osaka.

Please follow @Rapha_japan Twitter and Instagram @Rapha_Japan to check our events, new products and information. Our active Rapha Japan Facebook page is also useful to grab information of Cycle Club and Rapha’s activity.