Contact Details

Address 85 Brewer Street, London W1F 9ZN


Phone 020 7494 9831

Opening hours

Mon to Fri – 8am to 8pm
Sat – 8.30am to 7.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays – 11am to 6pm

Club Rides

Riding is at the core of the Cycle Club experience. The London Cycle Club is located centrally so we can enjoy some incredible riding whichever way we head out of London.

Rides happen regularly with longer club runs on weekends, including bi-weekly a women’s ride, and Thursday morning spin around Regents Park. Follow @raphacycleclub for the latest information and for sign up details for the weekend rides.

Saturday Cycle Club Ride


The Cycle Club Rides are non-drop and head out into the Home Counties, exploring new routes. Please follow our Twitter: @RaphaCycleClub for more information on how to sign up for our Cycle Club Rides.

  • Distance: Our Steady Club Ride usually averages around 100km.
  • Pace: The Steady Ride averages 25kmph.
  • Terrain: All routes use quiet A and B roads, however there may be occasions where the group ride on busier roads especially on entering and leaving Central London.
  • Availability: A preregistered limit of 8 spaces, led by Rapha Ride Leaders.
  • Meet at 8.00am.

Thursday Morning Laps

Meet at The Regent’s Park at 6.30am. This ride is a pre-work blast and lasts between 60-90mins, aiming to return to the Cycle Club for 8am for coffee and breakfast.
  • Time: Meet at the Cycle Club for 6.30am every Thursday morning for a coffee and bag drop. These rides are a pre-work workout and last between 60-90mins and aim to return to the Cycle Club for 8.00am for coffee and breakfast.
  • Distance: Laps of the park. No set distance.
  • Pace: Spirited, designed as an early morning work out.
  • Route: Laps of Regent’s Park
  • Terrain: Smooth tarmac
  • Availability:   8 riders per group. RSVP essential. The ride is led by Rapha Ride Leaders.

Women's Ride

The first and third Sunday of each month.

Every other Sunday our Women’s Tempo Ride heads out from the Cycle Club into the Home Counties, on mainly quiet and less-travelled roads (once outside London). Meet before the ride at the Cycle Club for a bite to eat and to meet the other riders and ride leaders. When you register for a ride you’ll receive a confirmation email and further details of the route and rules of the road.
  • The Ride: A pacey training ride for more advanced riders. The group will maintain a pace of around 25kmph with minimal stops. Takes place on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.
  • Distance: Approx 100km
  • Pace: Our Women’s Club Ride averages 23-25kmph.
  • Terrain: All routes use quiet B roads and country lanes where possible. There may be occasions where the group rides on busier A roads especially when entering and leaving Central London. In bad weather conditions the route may be amended, for instance opting for main roads if there is likely to be ice.
  • Availability: A preregistered limit of 8 spaces, led by Rapha Ride Leaders.
  • Meet at 8.30am. With a smooth run the ride will be back at the Cycle Club approx. 2.00pm

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