1. The Calling: Molly Ritterbeck

    Words: Molly Ritterbeck | Date:

    Adventure. Freedom. Clarity. Empowerment. Youth. Energy. Revitalization. Community. Everything. Those are the words that the Rapha Women’s Ambassadors came up with when I recently asked them to sum up what…

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  2. Viva La Vuelta

    Words: Christian Vande Velde | Photography: Yazuka Wada | Date:

    La Vuelta Espana is the least known Grand Tour of the ‘big three’. It lacks spectators, TV ratings, the massive ambition that the Tour and the Giro bring, and of course, the history. However, almost all of these traits are because of where it falls on the calendar year. And we all love it for that. Smashing through the arid countryside at speeds unfathomable to almost anyone (including myself sometimes), all for the sake of racing. If you are motivated, fresh and have goals past the month of August, at the Vuelta you have already won.

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