1. Wild and weathered in Waikato

    Words: Emma Bryant | Photography: Amy Taylor | Date:

    Sunshine on skin. It’s an unfamiliar feeling for us Kiwis at the moment after months of being covered by layer upon layer, wrapped and protected against biting winds, ice, rain and whatever else the winter could throw at us.

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  2. Drew Ginn on riding through the night

    Words: | Photography: Andrew Clifforth, Kintaro & Caz Whitehead | Date:

    Drew Ginn is an Australian five-time world champion rower and triple Olympic gold medallist. From 1992 to 2012, rowing consumed Drew’s life as he competed at the highest echelons of the sport. But since rowing at the 2012 London Olympics, Drew has rediscovered his love for cycling – a passion that began while riding BMX bikes as a child, then developed into a competitive racing career on the road at local, state, national and world championship level.

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  3. A Community Classic: The Dirty 130

    Words: Nathan McIntosh | Photography: Beardy McBeard | Date:

    I am not an exceptional cyclist. In fact, I can best be described as an average cyclist. Average in that my motivation for riding centres around fitness, friendship and a desire to be outside. However, given a challenging event on the horizon my motivation shifts in pursuit of a little suffering. I take a certain joy in pushing myself to the point where my body hurts in a way I can sustain.

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  4. Tackling the South Tyrol: Rapha Women’s Prestige Dolomites

    Words: Guest Authors | Photography: Sebastian Schels | Date:

    On Saturday 12th September, eighteen teams of four female riders took part in the Rapha Women’s Prestige Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. Not only was it the first women’s Prestige ride in Europe, but it was also a truly international affair too, with participants from ten different countries including Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria – several of whom from the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC).

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  5. The Storm

    Words: Ryan Newill | Photography: Casey B. Gibson | Date:

    Cancelation wouldn’t have been unprecedented. Three years before, a no lesser race than the Omloop Het Volk — historic, respected, the embodiment of a Belgian hard man’s race — had…

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  6. The Blue Riband Randonnée

    Words: | Photography: Brian Vernor | Date:

    Starting from the French national velodrome in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, just outside the capital, Paris-Brest-Paris was originally conceived as an event to demonstrate the ‘practicality of the bicycle,’ which was still a…

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