1. The unmatchable ups and downs

    Words: Rasmus Helt Poulsen | Date:

    It’s not possible. 100 mountain passes in 10 days. 200km a day with 5,000m of climbing. Let’s talk over drinks first before deciding anything… Who are the guys riding this? What is driving them? And who comes up with something as crazy as the Cent Cols Challenge (CCC) and makes it into a concept that people sign up for?

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  2. The Finest Gold

    Words: Bas Steman | Date:

    Olympic champion, world champion, five-time Tour de France stage victor and multiple one-day Classics winner – Dutchman Hennie Kuiper’s palmarès is as impressive as they come. Riders as versatile as ‘The Gentleman’ don’t exist any more, and probably never will. To celebrate Kuiper’s achievements, Rapha is hosting an exhibition at the Cycle Club Amsterdam this month from Friday 15th January until Sunday 27th February. For those who can’t make it, we present five short stories from a gold-plated career.

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  3. Echoes of Greatness

    Words: Ryan Newill | Photography: Casey B. Gibson | Date:

    On the corner of South 9th and Carey Street in downtown Richmond, two giants of American pro cycling were catching up, straddling their top tubes, still winded from stage 9…

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  4. Trans Am

    Words: | Date:

    In 1976, America celebrated its Bicentennial – the 200th anniversary of its independence from the British Empire. Greg Siple and his wife June, together with their cycle-touring friends Dan and…

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  5. Kings of Pain: Sean Yates

    Words: Phil Deeker | Photography: Offside/ L'Equipe | Date:

    See The Kings of Pain » Sean Yates’ tall, slightly gaunt figure sauntered into the pub, a box of his autobiographies under his arm. Definitely not a swagger though: his…

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  6. Kings of Pain: Il Gianni

    Words: Tom Southam | Photography: Offside/ L'Equipe | Date:

    Rapha officially launched in 2004 with an exhibition called Kings of Pain, celebrating riders who have defined the values and ethos of the sport. It was a statement of intent,…

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