Product Focus

  1. How the race was worn: Wout wins a Monument

    Words: Rapha | Photography: Graham Watson | Date:

    The weather forecast for Sunday’s Liège-Bastogne-Liège spelled snow storms and sunny patches in equal measure so Wout Poels knew he would need his versatile Rapha Shadow kit to race in. The 28-year-old climber had left it at his house back in Holland, however, so after La Flèche Wallonne he made a detour on his way to Liège.

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  2. UK Sample Sales

    Words: Rapha | Date:

    Rapha is hosting three sample sales across the UK, in cities we haven’t visited before – Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow. Stock will include end-of-season items, production samples and one-off, never-for-sale garments. All sizes, all ranges and both men’s and women’s products will be going for drastically reduced prices.

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  3. Behind OPEN’s New U.P. Bike

    Words: | Photography: George Marshall | Date:

    The ethos behind the OPEN brand is simple: to make better bikes. Growing tired with the approach of the big brands they had spent their careers working for, Andy Kessler and Gerard Vroomen, OPEN’s founders, decided to create something much smaller, with goals rooted in performance rather than profit. They also wouldn’t advertise, and would only sell their bikes through a select group of partners.

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  4. Brevet Insulated Gilet: made to pack light and travel far

    Words: George Tyson | Photography: Ben Ingham & Wig Worland | Date:

    When developing the new Brevet range, Rapha designers searched for a fabric to use in an insulated gilet that delivered warmth without weight, and could be packed down to a small, stowable size. Traditionally, insulating layers and outdoor jackets are made using down feathers. Despite providing unparalleled warmth, down is a loose material that requires pockets to hold the feathers in place, and heavy, treated fabrics to keep them secure. It also becomes incredibly heavy when wet – not ideal if you’re facing changeable weather or producing a lot of sweat.

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  5. The Making of a Classic

    Words: Joe Hall | Date:

    Launched in 2004, the Classic Jersey was the first ever Rapha jersey. Originally called the Sportwool™ Jersey, it was like nothing else at the time. All black with a white stripe on the arm and cut from a strange light-wool fabric, its minimalism concealed a beautifully functional garment. One reporter declared it the ‘best bike jersey the world has ever seen.’ To mark the launch of the brand new Classic Jersey II, we spoke to founder and CEO of Rapha, Simon Mottram, to find out about the origins of the design.

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  6. Behind the design: CANYON//SRAM

    Words: | Date:

    Since its grand reveal in December 2015, Rapha’s design for the CANYON//SRAM women’s team has received widespread acclaim. A multi-coloured livery intended to get the team noticed at the front of the UCI Women’s WorldTour races, elite riders such as German time trial star Lisa Brennauer and former Italian national road champion Elena Cecchini are about to debut it as a team at the Ladies Tour of Qatar next week.

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  7. Sixteen For 2016

    Words: Simon Mottram | Date:

    It’s time once more where, as road riders, we prepare for the approaching season and set goals for the New Year. My goal in 2016 is 50 momentous rides, to celebrate my 50th year. Here at Rapha I encourage all employees to set riding targets, to have one or more things in the crosshairs to help better their riding and racing. Every New Year I also like to look ahead to what Rapha as a company has in its sights; the products we will launch, the events we will host and the places we will travel to. Back in 2008 it was easier, I thought, to compile such a list. I supposed this year it would be much tougher, but it wasn’t. We have some amazing things in store for 2016, from new Cycle Clubs to watching the Tour on Mt. Ventoux. Everyone is, of course, invited to join the ride. From all of us at Rapha, happy New Year and strong riding in 2016.

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  8. Rapha + Liberty: The Fine Print

    Words: | Date:

    In 1875, after working with women’s fashion specialist Farmer & Rogers for ten years, Arthur Liberty decided to launch his own shop selling ornaments, fabric and objects d’art from Japan and the East. Occupying a small portion of 218a Regent Street, his company quickly gained a reputation for providing the finest examples of items from the Japonism movement, and many other popular styles at the time.

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  9. Escaping The City

    Words: Grace Holdsworth | Date:

    Living in the city makes finding the time to ride much harder and all the more valuable. Here’s how to become adept at fitting in quick escapes from city life,…

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