Take the lead


CANYON//SRAM Racing is one of the best female cycling teams in the world. With a roster of current national and former world champions, the team races with an attacking philosophy and a strong sense of unity. More than that, the riders are some of the most engaging athletes in the sport, and are at the forefront of the growth of women’s cycling.

Meet the Team


Lisa Brennauer

“What’s unique about our team is how much we respect each other. We take care of each other, and when we meet up we want to know what we did in the holidays and so on.”


Barbara Guarischi

“My head is my strength and my weakness. When I’m angry, I’m like a lion, I can surprise myself on the bike. But sometimes, when something is really easy I can lose my head. That’s what sprinters are like.”


Elena Cecchini

“When I won at Thüringen Rundfahrt last year, my legs felt so bad - they were burning! Somehow, I could stay with the best riders, and now I know that even if the feeling is not so good, then you just have to hold on.”


Alena Amialiusik

“I’m proud to ride my bike. In my country [Belarus] it’s a little bit strange to see women riding a bike, so yes, I’m proud to make a little difference there.”


Trixi Worrack

“I am the team’s road captain and that means that I direct the team, or try to implement our tactics and react immediately to situations during races. I like the responsibility a lot.”


Mieke Kröger

“My favourite place to ride a bicycle? Everywhere in the world! I like to explore a lot and one day I’d like to ride a gravel bike in Africa, that’d be great.”


Leah Thorvilson

“The cycling community has become like family to me. I would never have guessed that there was a sport outside of running that had the same spirit of camaraderie.”


Colour on the road

CANYON//SRAM wears racewear designed to perform at the highest level of the sport, the UCI Women’s WorldTour. This same kit used by the team for training and racing is now available to purchase, so you can ride in comfort and style, always.


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