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  1. Doppio: Giro Week Three

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    There was a touch of fire and brimstone about the race for pink this week, with Team Sky’s Richie Porte choosing martyrdom over another seven days of self-flagellation. Meanwhile, Italy’s latest prodigal son Fabio Aru is also having a tough time of it, finding stepping into the hallowed shoes of Marco Pantani a tricky reckoning as Alberto Contador continues his relentless pilgrimage to the promised land (Milan). He’s looking stronger than ever. We’ve been enjoying the racing at Italy’s Grand Tour as always; we just hope that none of cycling’s sons have sinned in their pursuit of glory.

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  2. Unpaved and unrelenting

    Words: Herbie Sykes | Date:

    Valetti and Bartali under a blizzard on the Rolle, 1939. Coppi’s ambush of Koblet on the Stelvio in ’53. Then Massignan and Gaul, Coletto, Nencini and Anquetil on the Gavia in 1960, arguably the greatest of them all. Arguably the murkiest was Gimondi, seven years later. When he went on the Passo Tonale the rest – the “holy alliance” of Motta and Balmamion, Anquetil and Aimar – simply sat up. The fiftieth anniversary Giro had its Italian winner after all, as Salvarani won what amounted to a sealed bids auction. Merckx in extremis on Tre Cime, De Muynck smashed to pieces on the Zambla.

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  3. Through the Lens

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    Andy Bokanev’s insight into his images from the Tour of California.

    The race passes so fast, a blur of color just above the road and against the California backdrop. Once it blows by the photographers dig themselves out of their perches or float by on the motos. In the case of Seattle’s Andy Bokanev, he sometimes walks up to the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club for an espresso and disappears again into the confusion of a race, be that into the team car or, if he’s lucky, on the bike himself (as he was with Rapha and friends at this year’s race up Mt. Baldy). Here you’ll find a selection of Bokanev’s images from the race along with what he was thinking as he shot them.

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  4. Doppio: Giro Week Two

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    The Doppio is Rapha’s weekly double-shot of Giro reportage and previews. In an opening week that had journalists and fans of the sport going pink in the face with excitement, one Italian reporter suggested we’d seen more action in one week of the Giro than a month of Silvio Berlusconi ‘bunga-bunga’ parties. And much like old Silvio’s career, week two has given us ups, downs, political scandal and plenty of leg action. Solo wins from homeboy Paolo Tiralongo, old-dog Phil Gilbert and young-nuke Illnur Zakarin kept us entertained, but the gossip has come from a touching case of sportsmanship gone wrong, i.e. that wheel change. Forza, Italia!

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    Global cycling street style

  1. Eve Izaak


    From illustration to triathlons, Eve Izaak is a young creative currently enjoying life in London. Survey took a trip to Eve’s flat in Stoke Newington and accompanied her on a ride into town to the Barbican’s conservatory. Eve was wearing pieces from the latest Rapha City collection for women.

  2. Verity Copland


    Born in Sydney, raised in Melbourne and living in London for the last five years, Verity Copland is part of the very talented Product team at Rapha Racing Ltd. An elegant bike rider and natural in front of a camera lens, she kindly invited us into her apartment in Gospel Oak, northwest London, to find out a little more about her, and also photograph some of the latest Women’s City products.

  3. Franc Strazzeri


    Located at the convergence of the Old River Lea, the ‘Hackney Cut’ and the Hertford Union Canal, Franc Strazzeri and his family reside. Franc is second generation Sicilian, born in Canberra, Australia, but a Londoner for over 18 years.

  4. Nick Offord


    Bethnal Green is the beating heart of east London. A heart that’s been broken and unbroken many times, it’s an area that contains both contemporary and the contorted faces of the capital’s fashion, art and finance industries.

  5. Oki Tatsuya

    Photography: Lee Basford | Date:

    To call Oki Tatsuya a bicycle messenger doesn’t really do justice to a man who’s been at the heart of Tokyo’s urban bike scene since the end of the nineties. Lee Basford caught up with him late one night in Tokyo.

  6. Sebastian Tarek

    Photography: George Marshall | Date:

    Sebastian Tarek crafts bespoke shoes that are genuine works of functional art. His workshop and approach to his trade offer a distinct nod towards a bygone era, but prove that time is a precious commodity. We visited his place of work in Arnold Circus, east London.

  7. Convict of the Rope – Mark Twight


    Mark Twight made his name as a daring and pioneering climber in the 1980s and ‘90s. Part of a new wave of mountaineers who relied on physical fitness and minimal equipment to climb quickly and efficiently, he was part of a movement known as ‘extreme alpinism’.

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